The Easiest Summer Salad

The Easiest Summer Salad (5 ingredients)

Feeding yourself nourishing and delicious foods doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, when it comes to prepping my meals and creating new recipes, I always do my best to make sure they contain easy-to-source ingredients, don’t take too long and are fun to prepare. This salad is no exception! It only requires 5 ingredients,…

My Favourite Summer Beauty Essentials for Healthy & Glowing Skin

My Favourite Summer Beauty Essentials For a Healthy & Glowing Skin

When it comes to healthy and glowing skin, there is no doubt that adequate nutrition is primordial. However, there are a few other factors to consider as well. What you put on your skin, for example, is just as important if you want to avoid intoxicating your body from the outside in (more on that:…

10 Easy Tips For a Healthy Summer

10 Easy Tips For a Healthy Summer (The Importance of Hydration)

As many of you must have noticed and experienced by now, Summer is back! And as the temperatures rise, it becomes crucial for you to pay very close attention to one particular (and often overlooked) aspect of your health: your hydration. Indeed, with higher temperatures, you are a lot more likely to experience mild to severe dehydration,…

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