Note from Sarah: Hi guys, this week we are doing something a little different on Deliciously Vibrant. Indeed, I have noticed that many of you are young mothers or mamas-to-be and I thought it would be a great idea to reach out to one of my favourite mamas on the web: Anjelica Malone. When it comes to balancing motherhood and being a female entrepreneur, Anjelica is your go-to resource. She is so knowledgeable and super helpful with any questions you may have regarding motherhood, travelling with kids, or even building your own business from scratch. So, I asked her to kindly give us a few tips on how she manages it all. Here is what she had to say: 

One of the most challenging things for new mothers is learning how to juggle the aspects of her life as a mother with her old life as a woman pursuant of a career, higher education, or adventures. The solution to melding a woman’s two worlds is what I call “Building her Tribe.” A group made up of individuals with special skills that play a significant role in helping a mother stay connected to the areas of her life she finds most important.

There’s such an enormous amount of pressure placed on today’s mother to be driven, attentive to her children, and loving to herself. But unfortunately we have also created a society in which women praise accomplishing things on their own. We have completely eliminated the understanding of and value in having a community of supporters around us as we do life.  But in all actuality, no successful woman is actually doing it all on her own. She doesn’t just have someone helping her care for her kids, but someone she shares late night tears with, a person who helps her take great photos for her business, resources that remind and teach her to care for herself, simple systems in place that allow her to step away from it all at times, and the list goes on.

Today’s multi-passionate mother attains her goals and is able to have her endeavors reach the heights that they do because she has realized that not only is a solitary journey lonely, it’s a very short-lived solution with mediocre results.

When you’ve got this amazing tribe of people around you, each with their own distinct areas of expertise you’re able to focus your attention on delving into the areas you are best suited for.

The next secret that passion-pursuing women have tapped into is the ability to disconnect. Disconnect from social media, expectations of others, and separating her own journey from those around her. She has recognized that focusing on those entities don’t fill her up, they actually drain her. Engaging too deeply in any of these areas seems to steal her creative joy.

As mothers our brains are already a bit murky from pregnancy, the newborn stage, or simply the weight of caring for precious lives. We frankly don’t have room to hold onto negative talk and outside opinions. We must fill whatever sliver of mental space we have left with affirming messages and images.

Whenever I have the chance to chat with a mama (uninterrupted that is) one of the things I always say is, “forget about what others think and have impressed upon you as success.” I highly encourage every new or expectant mama to take some time and write down the way in which she’d like to navigate life and the areas of it that are most important to her. Then, create a tribe of supporters around her that will reinforce these values and initiatives with her.

I’ve designed a simple mindfulness worksheet to guide you in implementing the things mentioned above.

Simply click HERE to download it.


The Secret to Pursuing Your Dreams While Navigating Motherhood



A little more about Anjelica Malone: Anjelica is a Writer and Lactation Educator Counselor who lives in Seattle, Washington. Anjelica grew up as a Third Culture Kid traveling with her family and now lives the Global Mom life with her two Little Women and husband. She is passionate about connecting with and inspiring women as they navigate motherhood and pursuing their passions; helping them to do it in a more conscious and globally-minded way. You can find Anjelica on Instagram at @AnjelicaMalone and her site