The Deliciously Vibrant10-Day Sugar Detox Guide

Stop Your Sugar Cravings + Take Back Control Of Your Health!

A Few Scary Facts About Sugar…

It has been estimated that the average person now consumes up to 100 pounds of sugar per year!

Yup, you read that correctly. As crazy as it may sound, it is not so surprising once you realize that virtually all of the processed foods purchased in any grocery store or supermarket contain added sugars (which are are often hidden under complicated names).

And if you think that sugar is only present in candies, chocolates and ice cream; think, again. Sadly, the food industry has caught on to the fact that sugar is a pretty addictive substance.

And so to boost up their sales and profit, they started to hide it in most of the food products that we consume on a daily basis (especially the processed & packaged ones).

Here are some examples of where sugar can be hidden:


juices (even if it says 100% natural )

tomato sauce

energy bars (even the so-called “healthy” ones)

nut butters & even hummus 

baby puréed foods

condiments (ketchup, pickles…)

breakfast cereals (BIG TIME!)

processed deli meats …

This means that even if you wanted to reduce your intake of sugar on a daily basis, chances are you would unfortunately still be consuming a whole lot of it! Hence, why it is so important to help your body detox and reset from all of that sugar consumption. Don’t worry, though:

The Deliciously Vibrant 10-Day Sugar Detox is here to help you do just that!

And please also know that you won’t feel deprived nor restricted while on this cleanse. Given that I don’t believe in FAD diets, and that I am a big foodie myself, I made sure to create delicious and satisfying recipes that will help you completely forget about your old sugar cravings. The Deliciously Vibrant 10-day sugar detox is designed to help you reset your tastebuds and reboot your health. You won’t go hungry, I promise ;).

How removing sugars from my diet healed my skin & how it could positively impact your own health too!


When I first tried to remove all processed sugars from my diet a few years ago, I really did not think that it would have such a drastically positive impact on my health. But it did! 

I used to deal with frequent breakouts/adult acne and despite trying everything out there (from changing my skincare regimen to my pillow cases), nothing really helped.

That was until, I looked at my nutrition… When I finally took care of that part of my lifestyle, I truly started to notice a difference. Especially, after removing processed sugars for a while. My skin totally cleared up!

On top of that, I also discovered that I had better energy throughout the day and much better sleep, too. These were the positive effects that I experienced with my own health, but here are some of the ones that you can expect after completing your first sugar detox:


  • No More Crazy Sugar Cravings + Mood Swings: indeed, removing all processed sugars from your diet for 10 days will help to naturally balance out your blood sugar levels. This is turn will reduce, if not eliminate your sugar cravings and related mood swings.
  • Buh Bye Inflammation: the overconsumption of sugar has been linked to an increase of inflammation in the body, which in turn is related to so many chronic dieases & to accelerated aging. After this detox, you will feel vibrant and will glow from the inside out!
  • Hello Long Lasting Energy: in this detox, you will learn the true power of real whole foods, aka long-lasting fuel for your body!
  • Yes, To Natural Hormonal Balance : eating too much sugars leads to the release of stress hormones (cortisol +adrenaline), which puts you in a constant state of extreme alertness and tension. In the long run, this creates hormonal chaos within your body and it can also ruin your sex drive, fertility and hunger cues.
  • And To Burning More Fat: indeed, as you wil discover via this detox, adding some healthy fats to your every meals will not only keep you satiated for a longer period of time but it will also give you more energy + help you lose weight too!
  • Finally, Keep Diseases At Bay: given the link between the overconsumption of sugars and so many chronic conditions, once you remove it from your diet, it can only have a positive impact on your health in the long run.

Are you Ready To Take Back Control Of Your Health?

What’s included in this 10-day sugar detox guide?


  • 20+ page information guide
  • a complete list of sugars & sweeteners to be avoided
  • a 10-day meal plan (breakfast, lunch, dinner + healthy snacks too!)
  • a comprehensive shopping list
  • 40  tasty recipes (that work with all diet preferences)
  • my best tips + tricks for a successful detox
  • how to handle eating out while on this detox
  • a bonus 10-day self-care guide 
  • access to the private Facebook group for support & accountability

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