Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. I honestly believe this to be 100% true. However, what is even more important is the type of breakfast you have in the morning. How you “break” your night “fast” is essential.

Your breakfast will prepare you for the rest of your day. Therefore, it is important to make it nutritious and filling enough so you can keep up with the rest of your activities. Make sure you include enough complex carbohydrates (with fibers to slow down the digestion and absorption of sugar), protein (to give your body what it needs to function throughout the day), and fats (good fats are essential to reduce inflammation within your body and for you brain cells to properly function). They will also keep you full longer.

I love to eat smoothies for breakfast because they are a quick way for me to give my body what it needs. However, when I do have more time on my hands, I love to prepare some delicious breakfasts.

Here are some deliciously vibrant breakfast ideas: