Ever had a pretty crappy day where things just don’t seem to want to unfold properly for you? I mean we all have those days and when they do happen, we tend to feel pretty discouraged, low, depressed, stressed out, sad or even worthless. Nobody likes to feel this way and though it happens to all of us, I like to think that it’s possible to minimize them and reduce these moments. Over the years, I have gathered a few ways to get myself out of a funky mood and I would like to share some of them with you today! So, here is my little guide on: How to Raise Your Vibe Instantly. 

Any one and all of these tips have helped me get out of some pretty bad situations mentally, emotionally and psychologically. I have gathered them over the years via the materials I read but also thanks to the positive people in my life.

My hope is that if you ever feel down, you can always come back to this post or download this free 1-page guide to keep with you at all times (you never know) in order to come back to your happy self instantly.

Don’t get me wrong, it is important to acknowledge and be aware of all of your emotions. However, I believe that Life is simply too short to wallow in misery and negative states. Don’t you agree?

Plus, I have found that personally the more negative I am, the more negatives things I find to complain about. So, the next time you are having a tough moment, acknowledge it, and then try one of these tips to get out of your funk and let that negative emotion go ;).

Here is:

How To Raise Your Vibe Instantly

How To Raise Your Vibe Instantly

1. Clear Out Your Space

I have found so many times that the simple act of tidying things up, clearing out my physical space often also clears out my head space and gives me new clarity. On top of that, it can be so relaxing to re-organize and re-arrange your space to your favourite tune. Most often than not, by the time you are all done, your mood will have completely improved and you feel feel lighter and happier ;).

2. Get Out Of Your Head

This one is one of my favourite ways to get out of a funky, low or even depressed mood. When you feel down, it is often because there is some negative, incessant and even unconscious negative chatter going on in your head. All of these negative thoughts then go on to create negative emotions.

Guess what’s the best way to stop this instantlyGET INTO YOUR BODY. By this I mean: move your body. Try any physical activity that will distract your mind and get you to focus on movement. It could be dancing, jumping, running, working out, walking, doing some yoga, biking, etc. The more focused on the physical movement, the better. This one works like a charm for me every single time!

3. Breathe

Now before you roll your eyes at me. Hear me out. How many of us feel constricted and uncomfortable when we feel down? All of us! Well, the simple act of taking a few deep belly breaths for 1 to 5 minutes can have a drastically positive impact on how you feel. Breathing deeply and consciously will force you to pause and relax. This is often all that you need to raise your vibrations and feel like yourself again. Just give it a try and see for yourself.

4. Get out

This is another very effective way to raise your vibe instantly: get outside. The simple fact to step outside in the day light is very impactful on your mood. Getting outside for even just 10 minutes per day can be a very effective way to keep your vibes high and positive. If you can, get outside in nature. Simply observe what is around you: the grass, trees, flowers, birds, snow… Whatever it is, I guarantee you that after 5 minutes, you will already start to feel much much better.

5. Music

Another favourite of mine. It simply astonishes me every single time the power of a good tune. So many studies have shown the various health benefits of music on the mind. So, why not take advantage of it? The next time you start to feel the funk coming over, stop and put on your favourite tunes. Better yet, create a happy playlist that you can always turn to! I promise you it works like a charm :).

And there you have it, guys. These are only some of my favourite ways to raise my vibe instantly. I have a few more tips for you in this FREE 1 page guide. Click the link below to download it and either frame it or keep it on your phone ;).

Please let me know in the comments below if you can think of any other ways that you personally use to raise your vibrations instantly.

I hope these helps and as always:

Stay vibrant,


How To Raise Your Vibe Instantly