Every year, in January, many people decide to re-assess their goals, dreams and habits. With that introspection  often comes the desire to solidify or try new health habits. I see it every year with my clients, friends, family and myself. I love that time of the year because there is a sense of renewal in the air and every body’s spirits are quite high and positive. So, today, since we are on the topic of health habits, I would like to share with you: 10 Healthy Habits Worth Trying in 2018. Some of them are recurrent ones for me, while others I am just starting to implement into my own life. No doubts in my mind that you will find them useful as well.  Many of these habits have changed my health for the better and that’s why they are a part of my life, today. Others take a little bit more practice, so don’t get discouraged if they don’t stick the first time around. Keep at it for at least 21 days and then let me know how it goes. Good luck ;).

10 Health Habits Worth Trying in 2018

10 health habits worth trying in 2018

1. Give meditation a real try

This is by far one of the health habits I have worked on the most in the past 3 years and I am so happy that I didn’t give up. Giving your mind some peace and silence for even 5 minutes daily can have such a drastically positive impact in how you approach your problems in life and how you react to them. If meditation seems impossible at the moment, simply sit down and take 10 conscious deep breaths in the morning. I promise you will feel the difference.

2. Get a tongue scraper

Have you ever scraped your tongue? If not, I highly encourage you to start in 2018. It’s such an easy and inexpensive way to keep not only your oral hygiene optimal but also to help the health of your whole body. Plus, say buh bye to bad breath in the morning. So worth it!

3. Brush your skin every day

This is another favourite of mine. It not only feels amazing but it is also great for my body! I have written at length about this beauty routine on my blog. And in case you missed it, you can catch all of the details HERE and HERE.

4. Boost your morning water with some lemon or ACV

If you follow me on Instagram, then you know this is a daily habit of mine that I rarely skip. Drinking some water in the morning is extremely important to re-hydrate your cells and for you to properly eliminate any unwanted toxins from your body. Boost your water every day by adding some fresh lemon juice or ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) into it. These two elements are both alkalizing for your body and immune-boosting too! I use about 1/4 lemon or 1 Tbsp of ACV into an 8 oz glass. Give it a try.

5. Get outside every day

10 health habits worth trying in 2018 Have you ever spent days inside, without stepping out at all? If your answer is yes, you’re not alone. Though, it might seem like such a treat, it’s actually not the best for your mood, nor your body. Getting some fresh air and oxygen every single day (choose Nature if you can) has been proven to not only uplift your mood but it can also reduce your stress and internal inflammation levels. Need I say more?

6. Ditch processed sugar for good

Probably one of the best things you could do to affect your health positively this year. Change your whole diet and body’s health for the better (my personal story) simply by ditching processed sugars and processed foods. 10 health habits worth trying in 2018 Sugar is literally present everywhere and it can be hard to know how to avoid it. That’s why I have created a comprehensive e-guide that allows you to get all of the tips, recipes, meal plan and more to make this habit a successful one. Grab your copy: HERE.

7. Eat something leafy + green every day

This year, make sure you eat at least 1 cup of leafy greens every single day. This habit has so many health benefits for you and I have written about it: HERE. If you need a few ideas on how to incorporate more leafy greens into your life, check out this recipe or this one. Enjoy!

8. Get a good re-usable water bottle

This is my favourite way to not only help me remember to drink more water every single day, but it is also a great way to care for our planet by avoiding the accumulation of even more plastic into our landfills. This is the one that I use: klean kanteen.

9. Keep a journal

A habit I am renewing with this year and I am so happy about it. Journaling, or simply writing your thoughts unfiltered & uncensored into a plain notebook, is such a great way to de-stress, get new inspiration, stay motivated and release any negativity. You will notice that once it’s out of your head and onto paper, everything seems so much clearer. 10 health habits worth trying in 2018 Do you journal?

10. No screen time past 10:00PM

I won’t lie this is a habit I have been working on for the past few months and I would like to achieve more success with it, this year. By turning off all screens (TV, ipad, phone or tablet), you truly allow your body to slowly ease into sleep mode. This can no only improve the quality of your sleep, but it can also allow you to reconnect with other relaxing nightly activities, such as reading, taking a nice warm bath, journaling, meditating or connecting with your partner. Having no screens past 10PM is such a great way to set the tone for more intimacy, calm and peace.

There you have it, folks. These are my: 10 Health Habits Worth Trying in 2018!

Have you tried sticking to any of them in the past? If so, let me know in the comments below what positive impact they have had on your life. And if you have a few more ideas to share with the community. Don’t hesitate to do so, as well. As always, Stay vibrant. Sarah.

10 health habits worth trying in 2018